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Gloria finally quits tobacco

If you’re ready to kick tobacco to the curb, you’ll love this story about Gloria, one of our members who found the courage to quit smoking with support from our Wellness Coaching by Phone program.

Years ago, while waiting to see her doctor, Kaiser Permanente member Gloria saw a tear-off pad for Wellness Coaching by Phone on a waiting room table. Kaiser Permanente’s Wellness Coaching by Phone is a research-based behavior change program designed to enhance readiness and motivation to change daily habits.

Gloria tore off 3 or 4 sheets, put them up in strategic places around the house, and included one on her vision board. She even programmed the contact number into her cellphone and thought, “Someday I’m going to be ready.” That day finally came. She started Wellness Coaching by Phone and she’s been tobacco-free ever since.

Gloria remembers not feeling emotionally ready for a long time, but after that first call, she says she knew that “My coach is someone I can open up to, and there’s no judgement.” Like many, Gloria felt ashamed by her tobacco habit and tended to beat herself up.

“I’d say, smart girls don’t smoke. I’m a smart girl, so why can’t I control my addiction?”

She credits her coach for helping her find her motivation and new ways to conquer challenges. She copied quotes he shared during their calls onto sticky notes and put them up in places where she used to vape, like her balcony. She found these little reminders extremely powerful.

Today, confident in herself, there’s nothing Gloria can’t handle. “I totally changed my life, and I’m so grateful for this resource. It’s been wonderful having my coach supporting me on this journey every step of the way.”


*Photos show models, not actual program participants.

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