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A good night’s sleep can make the whole world look better. Rest is vital to your health and well-being! If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Whatever the cause for your sleepless nights, simple lifestyle changes can improve how well you sleep.

How much sleep should I get?

Most adults do best when they get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day. You may be getting enough sleep if you have less desire to nap or you don’t need to sleep more on your days off.

What can I do to sleep better?

The everyday stresses of life can keep you from sleeping well. It’s also common to have trouble sleeping when you’re sick or injured. These stresses are often temporary. Your habits before bedtime, like drinking caffeine, watching TV, or scrolling through your phone, can also affect how well you sleep. But there are ways you can improve your sleep without medication.

Why is sleep so important?

  • It strengthens your immune system
  • It boosts your mood and gives you energy
  • It sharpens your memory and ability to focus
  • It helps you make decisions, solve problems, and cope with change
  • It improves your reaction time so you’re safe while driving or at work

6 ways to sleep well

Take In Light When You Wake Up

Take in light
when you
wake up

Avoid Caffeine Later In The Day Or Evening

Avoid caffeine
later in the
day or evening

Avoid Eating Later In The Evening

Avoid eating
later in
the evening

Put Away Your Devices

Put away
your devices

Create A Cool, Quiet, Dark Bedroom

Create a
cool, quiet,
dark bedroom

Practice Deep Breathing

deep breathing

Wellness Tools

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