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Recovery phase (first few days and months after surgery)

The Options program was designed to provide support and resources long term. Whether you had surgery recently or many years ago, we are here for you. Explore the tools and resources at every stage below.

Check out our post-surgery quick reference guide  for tips for those first few days and weeks of recovery, including:

  • Tips to prepare your home
  • Tips to prepare for your hospital stay
  • Tips for before you leave the hospital
  • Tips for immediately after surgery
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Stay hydrated

Dehydration is the number one reason for hospital readmission after metabolic and bariatric surgery. For tips on staying hydrated, check out pages 64 to 65 of the Options Workshop Guide.

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Go to all your follow-up appointments to help your care team monitor your recovery

Contact your health care team if you aren’t sure when your follow-up appointments are scheduled.

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Follow the post-surgery meal plan designed to support your recovery

During this phase, you will be slowly moving through stages 1 through 3 of the post-surgery meal plan (clear liquids through pureed foods). Use the Post-Surgery Meal Plan as your guide and check out stage 1 recipes.

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Make sure to take your vitamin and mineral supplements as recommended

Follow the Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Guide.

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Find a movement routine that you enjoy and can keep up

Explore some simple exercise videos.

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Learn how to prevent and manage side effects and complications

Bring the medical alert wallet card to your next doctor’s appointment to help alert health care professionals to your needs.

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Consider attending a Kaiser Permanente support group to continue building skills, learning from peers, and getting the support you need

Check out the support groups to find one that works for you.

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