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How can I manage excess skin?

Skin care

Your skin is an organ, just like your liver, heart, and kidneys. Taking care of it is important.

  • Keep your skin moisturized.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Keep your skin, especially the sagging areas, clean and dry.

To keep skin folds dry, try the following tips

  • Use antiperspirant sprays or roll-ons. (Test a small area of skin first to be sure it doesn’t cause irritation. Do not test if the skin is already irritated.)
  • Try absorbent powder, including cornmeal (available in the pharmacy foot care section).
  • Use a hair dryer on a cool setting 2 to 3 times a day.

Compression garments

Certain types of clothes can help minimize the appearance of excess skin after surgery.

Excess skin removal surgery

Even if you follow all the recommendations, it’s realistic to expect that you will still have some excess skin after surgery. For some people, this is totally fine, but it may really bother others. In such cases, some people are interested in excess skin removal surgery. Not all patients qualify for excess skin removal.

Some examples of common areas considered for surgery include:

  • Abdomen: Excess abdominal skin that covers the genital region.
  • Upper arm: When holding arms at 90 degrees, the excess skin from the upper arm hangs substantially below what a plastic surgeon would consider normal.
  • Other areas (thighs, trunk, back) that show similar degrees of severity to those described above may also be considered
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