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How might relationships change with my loved one after surgery?

When adjusting to lifestyle changes after surgery, it can be just as tough for a family member or friend as it is for the person getting surgery. It can be helpful to discuss the changes your loved one will be making together. This can often be a chance for the whole family to commit to being healthier. Here are some questions your loved one may ask that can help start a discussion:

  • How will meals change at home?
  • What foods will and will not be available in the home?
  • How will everyone benefit from you being healthier?
  • What can family members do to help you be successful?
  • How should family members handle it if they decide to eat something they know will be tempting for you?
  • How would the family like you to handle your new way of eating?
  • How will you deal with holidays and parties?
  • Would your family like to use this as a chance to be healthier and more active? If so, how can you all motivate and support each other?
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