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Living Well with Diabetes

Even when you know that eating well, being active, checking your blood sugar, and taking medications can help you feel your best and prevent diabetes complications, it’s not always easy to do. If you need some support to form these…

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Diabetes – Type 2

When it comes to how diabetes affects your health and your life, you’re the one in control. Learn more about the basics of diabetes, checking blood sugar, preventing complications, and the simple things you can do to stay healthy for life.
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Diabetes – Checking Your Blood Sugar

If you have type 2 diabetes, it’s very important to check your blood sugar as often as your doctor recommends. Learn more about checking your blood sugar, including when to check, how to check, and what tools to use.
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Living Healthier with Diabetes

Diabetes is a rapidly growing health problem. Currently, more than 21 million people in the United States have diabetes. Without care, diabetes can lead to complications that include kidney failure, eye problems, nerve damage, heart disease and high blood pressure, stroke,…

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Three Things to Improve Your Diabetes

Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes and many of them have poorly controlled blood sugar. This can lead to complications including kidney disease, retinal damage, heart disease, hospitalization, and in severe cases death. A new study of nearly 20,000 people…

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Mental Health (Diabetes)

Over time, managing diabetes (checking blood sugar, taking medication, watching what you eat, and fitting in exercise) may become stressful, especially on top of everything else in your daily life. You’re not alone if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or burned…

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Diabetes Diary

Make healthy food choices, be physically active, manage stress, get enough sleep, and take medication as prescribed for good blood sugar control.

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Social Health

When you think about health, you might think of doctor visits and medicine. But what about access to healthy food? Or a safe place to live? Good health requires more than just health care. You need to be supported in…

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Total Health Assessment

Make good health a part of your daily habits with our healthy lifestyle programs. These personalized, online programs can help you create an action plan to reach your health goals. Based on your Total Health Assessment results, you’ll find advice,…

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