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You’re in control

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you have access to a variety of programs and tools designed to support your health goals. Learn how to build healthy habits by starting small so you can enjoy life with your loved ones. Whether you’re looking to manage your blood sugar levels, move more, stay present in the moment, or keep track of your progress, the Center for Healthy Living is here for you!

Want to build healthy habits and improve lab test numbers?

Check out Living Well with Diabetes

Looking for a personal coach to help you set goals and stick to them?

Check out Wellness Coaching by Phone

20% off fresh fruits and vegetables 

Text THRIVESCAL or VIVABIEN to 28550 to get a digital coupon for 20% off fresh fruits and vegetables at all Smart & Final locations.

Reduced rates on fitness studios, gyms, gear, and online classes

Explore fitness deals for Kaiser Permanente members

Need help staying on track?

Watch, read, or join a workshop

Want a better way to manage your prescriptions?

Use our convenient pharmacy services

Looking for something else?

Explore all of our programs to help make this your year of health!

Our programs

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