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Ashley shifted her mindset

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and depleted, don’t lose hope! Find out how working with a wellness coach to set small achievable goals to manage stress helped Ashley map out a path to success.

When Kaiser Permanente Georgia member Ashley* first called Wellness Coaching by Phone to make an appointment, her goal was simply to complete the last piece of a wellness program and collect her incentive reward.

But on that first Manage Stress call with her coach she realized she needed more help than she thought. “I was a hot mess on the first call; my life was in shambles. I realized I was overwhelmed, and I cried.” Ashley also recalled that she immediately felt safe with her coach. “Liz just listened and heard. So often people are quick to give opinions. Liz never told me what to do. I thought, ‘this person doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my life story’, so there was no judgement.”

An educator who had just gotten a promotion and single mom without much support, Ashley was feeling completely depleted and like she’d lost herself in the habit she’d developed of always putting herself last.

On every call Ashley set small achievable goals, and she liked that accountability. “Even when I wasn’t totally successful, I never felt like I would disappoint. I was able to reflect and adjust for the next time.” She noted that one of the most valuable things she learned was to be reflective. Instead of operating on autopilot, she started to really think about being intentional and mapping out a path to success.

During the next few months Ashley said that her coach, Liz, became almost like a guiding light. On every call Ashley learned to reflect and give herself grace to define what she needed. “Liz has blessed me so much; she has been phenomenal.”

Even from that first call, Liz had confidence in Ashley. “When we first spoke, she was caught in a state of overwhelm that was making it hard for her to see a path forward. She was clearly such a strong, independent, and capable person, but her ability to manage everything—no matter the cost—was getting in the way of having a balanced life. Though Ashley wasn’t used to accepting help from others, she was admirably open when we talked about how things might shift for her if she let go of needing to manage everything on her own. And shift, they did! It’s been such an honor working with Ashley over the past several months and witnessing her incredible growth. She has not only developed a balanced routine that prioritizes her own well-being as well as those around her, but her mindset seems to have also shifted. She’s learning from setbacks and seems to be growing increasingly confident that she can continue to build the life she wants and deserves.”

Today, Ashley feels like a different person after finishing coaching.

“Now my bucket is overflowing and I’m a better mom. My son feeds off my positive energy. I’ve been able to take that control back—I feel powerful, and I can determine what kind of life I want.”


*Name changed to protect the privacy of the member.

Photos show models, not actual program participants.

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