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Diabetes self-care helps you find out what works for you to feel your best. With a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy a long and enjoyable life with diabetes!

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. When you have type 2 diabetes, your body doesn’t make enough insulin or use the insulin it makes well. It’s different from type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune reaction (your body attacks itself by mistake) that stops your body from making insulin.

Think of insulin as the key that unlocks your cells, allowing sugar in so your body can do things like walk and talk. If sugar can’t get in, it stays in your blood, which causes problems. But there are ways you can stay on track.

Eating well, being active, checking your blood sugar, and taking medication can help you feel your best and prevent complications.

Lowering your blood sugar
can help give you benefits

  • Have more energy
  • Feel less thirsty
  • Go to the bathroom less often
  • Feel less tired
  • Heal better
  • Have fewer infections

6 ways to manage diabetes

Eat healthy

Eat healthy

Move more

Move more

Quit tobacco

Quit tobacco

Check your blood sugar

Check your
blood sugar

Take your medications

Take your

Follow up on lab results

Follow up
on lab results

Wellness Tools

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