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Corchelle learned to manage stress

After attending a Mind, Body, & Health virtual workshop online and working with a personal wellness coach, Corchelle learned many ways to take care of herself and manage her stress. She wants to encourage others to take advantage of these programs.

Like many millennials, Corchelle Worsham, a 27-year-old Kaiser Permanente member in San Diego, sometimes struggles with anxiety and stress. “I had just moved out on my own. Managing everything that goes with that combined with the pandemic brought my anxiety to an all-time high,” she recalled. “I had so many goals and I didn’t know where to start. I felt overwhelmed.”

Corchelle reached out to her personal doctor, who suggested she check out the resources offered through Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Healthy Living.

She enrolled in Wellness Coaching by Phone and worked with a personal coach to break down her goals into smaller steps. “My coach helped me recognize that being flexible was important. We created action plans that I worked on between our calls, which was so helpful. It kept me focused and it felt good to keep hitting my goals!”

Her coach, Liz, shared this about Corchelle: “She’s really a delight and has done amazing work in creating healthy habits and shifting away from perfectionism to being more flexible in how her healthy habits can look.” While Corchelle completed her coaching program months ago, she continues to use action plans in her daily life and says she’s even helped her friends create their own plans.

Corchelle also attended a Mind, Body, & Health online workshop offered by the Center for Healthy Living. She found value in connecting with the other members online and hearing their stories.

“I’m so grateful for these resources. I learned many ways to take care of myself and manage my stress.”

She wants to encourage others to take advantage of these no-cost programs.

Ultimately, Corchelle found a passion to help other people through this experience. She said it’s been empowering, and she wants to share this with others so they can feel better, too. “I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and can’t wait to see the future I create.” Check out @corchelle on Instagram.


*Photos show models, not actual program participants.

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