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Jai no longer fears diabetes

Taking control of your diabetes doesn’t have to mean giving up all of your favorite foods! Find out how Jai lost 15 pounds and reduced his A1C by 4 points after attending our Living Well with Diabetes workshop.

When Kaiser Permanente member Jai Yuh first started the Living Well with Diabetes workshop, he thought he would have to make giant changes in his diet. He quickly learned he could still eat many of his favorite foods as long as he controlled how much and how often he ate them.

Jai thought the workshop was amazing. Everyone had the opportunity to participate, and they were able to learn from and support each other. “I realized that it wasn’t just me—everyone’s in the same boat, and it can be done.”

According to Jai, before the program he was waking up every hour or two, but now he sleeps through the night.

“I feel healthier. I’ve lost 15 pounds and no longer fear diabetes. I know I can control it primarily through diet.”

Jai’s next goal is to control his diabetes by diet and get off his medications completely. “I’m confident I can do this after going from an A1C of 10.2 to 6.1 in 5 months.”


*Photos show models, not actual program participants.

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