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Freedom from Tobacco Online Support Group

Join our online community to help you work toward being or staying tobacco-free. All Kaiser Permanente members are welcome to attend, whether you’re currently tobacco-free, thinking of becoming tobacco-free, or have had a setback.
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Thinking About Quitting Tobacco?

Quitting tobacco is the single most important lifestyle change you can make to improve your health. Giving up smoking (or chewing) has big benefits that range from improving your appearance and confidence to living a longer, more enjoyable life. Wherever…

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Social Health

When you think about health, you might think of doctor visits and medicine. But what about access to healthy food? Or a safe place to live? Good health requires more than just health care. You need to be supported in…

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Total Health Assessment

Make good health a part of your daily habits with our healthy lifestyle programs. These personalized, online programs can help you create an action plan to reach your health goals. Based on your Total Health Assessment results, you’ll find advice,…

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