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Mother in hospital bed with newborn

Baby 101

The first few days and weeks with your new baby can be wonderful, overwhelming, and exhausting, all at the same time! Find the answers to all your questions here.

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Newborn Care Basics

Congratulations on adding to your family! New parents feel everything from joy and excitement to fear and exhaustion. Learn more about the first couple weeks of life, including tips on feeding, burping, diapering, sleeping, and bathing.
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Couple talking on balcony

Learning About Effective Parenting

Parenting can be hard. Trying to figure out how to do it well can be hard too. But if you're thinking about how to be a good parent, or ways you can get better at it, you're already on the…

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How to Help Your Child Who Bullies

It can be hard to accept that your child may be bullying other children. But once you recognize the problem, you can help solve it by helping your child learn how his or her actions affect others. Being sensitive to others' feelings…

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Young boy smiling

Adjusting to School

When children go to school, they leave the safety of their home and family. They learn crucial skills—like how to make friends—that they can use for the rest of their lives. School is a testing ground where children evaluate, accept,…

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Group of kids smiling

A Healthy Weight for Your Child

You may have read in the newspaper or seen stories on TV about the problem of childhood overweight and obesity. Unhealthy eating habits, larger portion sizes, and not getting enough exercise are all linked to this problem.

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Child holding bowl of strawberries

Healthy Eating for Children

Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods so that your child gets the nutrients (such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, and minerals) he or she needs for normal growth. If your child regularly eats a wide variety of basic…

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Social Health

When you think about health, you might think of doctor visits and medicine. But what about access to healthy food? Or a safe place to live? Good health requires more than just health care. You need to be supported in…

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